Posted by: tinkande | November 20, 2008

Live from Cackalacky

Here goes nothin’…

We hope this will be a fun way to help our dear friends and family suffer through the minutia of our lives.  I do other things, but I really enjoy cooking, and I get most of my recipes and cooking methods from my family.  My mother is an awesome cook and taught me everything I know about cooking, my sister is a chef and has a creative mind for the endless possibilities that food has to offer, and my aunt is a serious foodie and great cook as well.  All of them serve as great mentors and inspiration for me.  I am always looking for healthy recipes that don’t break the bank, don’t use complicated ingredients, and don’t take too long to prepare.  I’m interested in learning more about food photography, so I also hope to be able to share my photography experiments with all of you.

Just like my roommate’s experiment with having a tropical fish tank or our annual practice of setting New Year’s resolutions, we can’t make any guarantees that we will update this blog on a regular basis or that we will make more than 3 posts.  We just thought it would be something fun to do together and we’ll see how it goes.  We hope you’ll join us for the journey!  With any luck, it won’t go down in flames next month when we finally get the latest season of Scrubs on Netflix.

We are gearing up to host a houseful of peeps for Thanksgiving next week, so stay tuned for juicy food details and photos from the event.  Turkey Day should provide us with enough material to kick this thing off, and it’ll be fun to gauge our stress levels between now and Black Monday.



  1. Dear Tinkande….

    Yeah…you’re BLOGGIN’ – in sin. HA! Congrats on getting this out there. I look forward to the amusement you may be providing (if you feel like posting….) – and thanks for the lovely compliment.

    La Mamma

  2. I just wanted you guys to be aware… now that you’re blogging, terms like “Black Monday” can be considered insensitive (ie:

    Perhaps you could try something like, “…stress levels between now and Unity Monday” 🙂

    Happy blogging kids

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