Posted by: tinkande | November 21, 2008

What’s in a name?

So, to pick a name for this forsaken experiment, we had a few different options.

Option 1.  I pick a name, and to heck with my roommate’s opinion.

Option 2.  My roommate picks a name, and to heck with my opinion (not likely).

Option 3.  We choose a name together in the spirit of bipartisanship.

We went against our better judgment and went with option three.  Although we had a bunch of ideas of our own, we wanted to see if our friends and family had any suggestions, since they’re the ones that will be suffering through this with us.  The final decision would be up to us, though, because this is not an American Idol blog.

We had Good foodie ideas like:

  • Choripan y Mate
  • Chimichurri
  • Possum Stew
  • Green Eggs and Lamb
  • Gastronomic Proportions
  • Yankee Barbecue
  • A la table
  • Food junkies
  • Tornado in the kitchen
  • Cracked pepper
  • These bites
  • Gourmet grub
  • Chew on this
  • Why can’t we get steak tips in NC

Some of the foodies were unoriginal and already already in use:  “Cheese & Whine”, “From scratch”, and “A pinch of salt.”

Then there were the Shameless personal attacks (we are so loved):

  • The “No we’re never getting married so stop asking”, Blog
  • The “Only One of Us Changes Poopie Diapers, we’ll Let You Guess Which One”, Blog
  • Willing to Wait
  • Drop in for Dinner….it’s only a two day drive
  • Me and my roommate
  • I’ll do the Cooking…You do the dishes.  Honey – WHAT??? You want a sandwich for supper AGAIN?!
  • Boo Hoo-we’ll never be grandparents blog
  • Why we would think our boring lives would be interesting to anyone else blog
  • This is where you get to see if our expensive educations taught us how to write blog.

We also considered obscure movie references:  We thought of the rhyming scene from The Princess Bride with “Anybody Want a Peanut?“.  “A Punch of Salt” (Donnie Brasco) was mentioned, and we couldn’t avoid This is Spinal Tap with both “Shut up and Eat” and “Mime Catering.”

There was even an allusion to recent politics with “Joe the Chef.”

And one overestimation of our capacity to parler le français… “C’est ici” as in Caitlin Edward’s Small Talk, plus ici, as is the phonetic pronunciation of E for Edward and C for Caitlin.  Also French for “Here it is.”

After everyone finished venting their frustrations with the lives we are apparently failing to live, we narrowed it down to:

“Willing to Wait”, “Gastronomic Proportions”, “A Punch of Salt” and “Me and My Roommate.”

After some heated negotiations and an excessively complex voting rating system, we finally chose whatever it is you see at the top of the page.



  1. I totally want this for dinner: Gastronomic Proportions. With a side of beans.

  2. Hey Cait- Lil and I are going to make the grilled moroccan spiced chicken tonight. When we clicked on your page, I said “man, they haven’t blogged in a while” to which Lil replied “um, they’ve probably been busy packing and moving.”
    I took this time to review your about us page and this page about how you decided on your name. Don’t think I didn’t miss your statement that you went with Option 3 “in the spirit of bipartisanship.”

    Give it up, Cait. Embrace your true identity.

    🙂 we’ll let you know how the recipe works out. Its a sunny warm day here, perfect for grilling!


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