Posted by: tinkande | December 3, 2008

Turn down the heat and turn up the snuggie.

Me and my roommate (apologies to the moms and Mrs. Hamovit) enjoy the commercial-free benefits of our DVR. Tonight during a rare tryst into the live TV world we caught this little gem. Prepare to be either amused, irritated…or both.

My roommate says he’s getting me one of these for Christmas.



  1. This commerical makes me convulse.

  2. Dear Tinkande….please do not tell MY roommate about this product. I am afraid he might get one for me……

  3. OMG, that Snuggie is so feeble.
    If anyone gets me a snuggie, I’ll get warm from the heat of burning it- wait- do you think it will burn? If not, I could wear it at next year’s Thanksgiving dinnerfoodfight.

  4. My favorite part is always the family of Snuggies at the sporting event high-fiving.

  5. this is the funniest ever ever ever!
    i’m with priya: sporting event snuggie high-five–it just doesn’t GET any funnier.
    also, doesn’t it just look like a big fleece nightgown that they forgot to sew up in the back..?

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