Posted by: tinkande | December 8, 2008

WANTED: Dead or Alive

Preferably dead.  Alive would be weird.

At some point over the course of Thanksgiving and its aftermath, we lost a dear friend of ours.  He always enjoyed biting things, preferable hot pots, pans and occasionally tiny human noses/ faces.  He may have been accidentally thown away, perhaps he got chopped up and served with the Big Ass Turkey, or maybe the South Park Gnomes thought he was a pair of underpants.  He was Finn’s favorite toy.  He lived on the stove handle.  Doggie Potholder.

If you know of his whereabouts please get him back to us.  No questions asked.  We just want him back.  Here is a non-artist’s rendering of Doggie Potholder:dog



  1. Have you looked in the bedroom where Elissa and Brad were “fixing her phone.”

  2. I know a very short boy who may have taken it and deposited it almost anywhere you can think of, check planters and bookshelves.

  3. I can’t believe Doggie Potholder is missing!

  4. […] Reunited (and it feel so good!) Our packages with our presents that we sent to ourselves arrived in the mail today.  My roommate’s father gave him some tea (along with a wicked cool Classic Mini Cooper mug), and when he went to put the tea in the cabinet he encountered a long lost friend! […]

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