Posted by: tinkande | January 1, 2009

Dad’s Famous Stuffed Peppers


Two stuffed Peppiz

My father is famous for his stuffed hot peppers.  There is a nasty rumor that gets spread annually suggesting that I think very little of my dad’s contributions to holiday preparations.  ALLEGEDLY (*wink*), I once said that making hot stuffed peppers was the “only” thing that Dad did for the holidays.

Regardless of what was said (or not said!), these peppers are so delicious and so popular that friends and family actually request them each year!  You might even call them famous, and we were lucky to get to make a batch with Dad while we were in Massachusetts.

These are simple: you gut the peppers, you wrap some thinly sliced prosciutto around a piece of sharp provolone cheese, and stuff it!  Repeat until you’re out of peppers :).  They can be stored in olive oil in the refrigerator for several weeks. Don’t forget to drink beer while your making these (as long as you’re over 21)!

Love me now, hate me later

Love me now, hate me later



  1. mmmm…. these tasted great but have something bready or salty on hand when your head blows off!

  2. Those look wicked gross!

  3. Hahaha! Thanks 🙂

  4. I’m going to make those for Nicole my niece. Is tinkande EJ? or is tinkande EJ and his roomate. Are those recipies EJ’s? or his roomates?

  5. We’ll never tell:)

  6. I’ll have to make those!!

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