Posted by: tinkande | February 9, 2009

1999 Chateau Leoville Poyferre- Saint Julien

This weekend, we headed north, then decided to go even further.  When we finally put our bags down in Greensboro, VT, we were thirsty!  My parents had set aside a fancy Bordeaux to celebrate my rocky side dish from a few weeks ago, and it was quite an experience for a bunch of redneck oenophiles like us.

Je sui formidable!

Je suis formidable!

This is not your everyday Bordeaux, and most of the complexities and terroir were lost on us.  We can tell you that this was silky smooth, perfectly balanced and dry.  The bouquet was subtle, but the taste was BIG.  My glass had legs from rim to stem, and there was a lot of sediment left in the bottle.  We decanted this for 30 minutes before serving with beef, mashed potatoes and asparagus.

$70-$95 at various online auction sites.



  1. ahhhhhh….I will remember that taste for quite a long time!

  2. Our family French Professor pointed out our misspelling of “suis” in this post. We’ve updated the post, and we’re heading back to French 101. I guess we’re just silly Spanish majors that can’t speak French.

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