Posted by: tinkande | August 18, 2011

San Francisco Food Roundup

Golden Gate Bridge

We just returned from a trip to San Francisco.  What an awesome city!  We had such a great time, and we’re still adjusting back to the real world almost a week later.  I thought it would be fun to give a quick recap of some of our favorite food experiences while we were there, since that’s often the highlight of visiting new places for me – THE FOOD!  One of my oldest, best childhood friends and her girlfriend hosted us for several days.  They took us around to some of the major attractions in and around San Francisco, they kindly reminded us to bring our sweaters before leaving the house, and, most importantly, they gave us a taste of the fabulous food scene there.  It is truly a vacation when you don’t even have to decide where you’re going to dinner each night.  Everything planned for us, and it was an added bonus knowing that the places were pre-approved by locals.

Ferry Building MarketFerry Building Marketplace:  Easily the most beautiful, abundant farmer’s market I’ve ever been to. Fresh, local, and mostly organic fruits and vegetables piled high at each booth.

Chairman BaoChairman Bao’s Bun Truck: These buns are so good that my friends stalks the truck’s location throughout the city so she knows exactly where to go if she’s craving their duck confit.

Ghiradelli Square Ghiradelli Square:  We couldn’t be in the vicinity of Ghiradelli Square and not get a little taste of this delectable chocolate (okay, maybe we had more than a little taste).

SF ChinatownChinatown: Surprisingly, we did not eat anything here. We were still full from our milkshakes!

We did manage to sneak out of the fog for a couple of days to drive down down the coast to Big Sur and then mosey on up to Sonoma to taste a lot bit of California wine.

Big SurEven though it was quite foggy and chilly, the views on the ride to Big Sur were gorgeous, and it took us three hours longer than it should have to get there because we stopped to take so many photos!

Sonoma fieldsSonoma was an adorable town with cute shops and restaurants.  The weather was warm, the countryside was breathtaking, and the wine was flowing.  We ate dinner at The Girl and the Fig, a delightful French Country food restaurant in downtown Sonoma.

Rickhouse BarSpeaking of drinking, once we got back to San Francisco after our whirlwind wine country tour, my friend also brought us to the Rickhouse Bar, a cute place with funky decor (the ceiling was made out of old wine barrels).  I didn’t know I loved bourbon so much until I tried their Kentucky Buck, and I need to get to the liquor store ASAP to stock up on the ingredients so I can make my own at home!

Some other memorable meals worth mentioning (but unfortunately no photos):  Slow Club (mmm, flatbread),  Tartine Bakery (I am still dreaming of their Pan Au Jambon) and The Slanted Door (gorgeous view of the bay, rock star Vietnamese fusion food, and yummy cocktails).

As you can see, we ate very well last week.  We were incredibly spoiled to have a local expert tour guide to show us the ropes, and I hope we can go back again some day to see and taste even more!



  1. Yay food! I still haven’t been to Bar Tartine and can’t wait to go!

  2. Awesome, looks like you experienced the best of the best! Beautiful pics. We just drove down to Big Sur a couple weeks ago and it never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Great photos, and wonderful food memories. Thanks for sharing them. Makes me want to get out there someday!

  4. Caitlin, I know that my comments arrive late, but I want you to know how much I enjoyed the stories and great pics from your trip out west.

  5. Hey, just reading this now–great write-up! Come back for round two!

  6. Lil – we would LOVE to! I know we only tasted a fraction of what SF has to offer :-).

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