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Hello and welcome to our blog!  My name is Caitlin and I have a passion for all things food.  I love learning about it, thinking about it, cooking it, and eating it.

My boyfriend’s fiance’s husband’s, (a.k.a. my roommate’s) name is EJ.  He likes to eat the food I cook, so it works out well.  He’s also the sommelier of the house, and he’ll occasionally treat you all with a guest post about wine.  The rest of the time, though, you’ll be stuck with me!

EJ and I are originally from New England, but we moved to North Carolina six years ago.  I grew up eating delicious food prepared with love by my Italian-American mother.  I don’t know if you know this about us Italian-Americans, but food is pretty important in our world.  She is an incredible inspiration for me, and I think that both my sister and I were lucky to inherit the foodie gene from her!

We decided to start this blog in 2008 mostly as a way to share what we were cooking with our families who live far away.  My mom, sister, and I are always talking with each other about food anyway, so I thought this would be a cool way to share recipes with them.  It also turned out to be a great online recipe index so we don’t have to remember what cookbook that really good soy-braised chicken thigh dish we tried months ago came from.

Wondering where our blog name came from?  You can read all about our blog-naming adventure in this post.  My husband and I have been together for nine years, and up until our wedding this summer, we used to joke and call each other roommates instead of boyfriend/girlfriend because we’d been living together for so long.  We found it amusing, and even now that we’re married we decided to keep the blog name.  After all, we are still technically roommates, just married ones!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy eating!




  1. This is going to be fun!

  2. Wow!

  3. I love love love Me and My Roommate
    Haven’t been here for a while glad you sent your buns. yum! How about your pulled pork recipe. This will make a great Fathers Day meal for Uncle Rich. Thanks

  4. Like the new “about” info and photo, as well as the new headline photo on the blog. Just made some killer short ribs for dinner….and was wishing you guys were here for a taste! I should also do a better job of taking some pictures when I make something I really like. Love, Mom.

  5. Hey there!

    Just wanted to tell you that I’d like to pass on the Stylish Blogger award to you! Love your blog…you can pick up the award on my blog post:


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